iTE organises events throughout the year with the goal of providing professional development and networking opportunities for our members. 

    • 25 May 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 26 May 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Macquarie Fields High School

    A TWO DAY Professional Development event HOT will run at Macquarie Fields HS on the 25th & 26th May.

    Hands On Tech (HOT) are two day immersive sessions that allow you to learn new techniques with experts, required materials and equipment. 

    1. Advanced Joinery - 5 person capacity - $750
    This course looks at developing moderate joinery skills through making a jig that can be used to maximise student time in construction of their own projects. The jig made of F27 Hardwood, is effectively a false work top that fits into standard workbenches vices (project size 1500x500). Construction skills involve Dovetailing, Mortising and a variation on Breadboard Ends. Participants will receive KDHW, Tail Vice, Veritas Dogs and a specialist chisel.

    2. Turning small objects on a timber lathe & General lathe sharpening techniques - 5 person capacity - $450

    Turning small objects on a lathe in a woodwork classroom including Pens, (Wooden and resin pen kits) Rings, (Wooden and Metal core) bottle stoppers and small spindle turning, honey dippers etc. Making resin blanks and using resin in your projects. This course will also look at General lathe sharpening techniques.

    3. Timber for stage 4 - 12 person capacity - $350

    Make timber projects suitable for Stage 4. Learn simple joint making and troubleshoot where your students may experience difficulty. Learn how to make the projects from a student’s perspective.

    4. Art Metal Work - Stage 4 and 5 - 6 person capacity - $650

    This course is intended for those who have never done silver jewellery before and are looking to introduce it as a stage 4 option in Technology (mandatory). You will learn how to make a plain silver ring, a twisted ring and a pendant in sterling silver. This is taught from metalworking principles and can be taught in a metalwork room with quite basic tools.  

    5. Etextiles - 20 person capacity - $400

    This is a STEM course designed to help the absolute beginner get going with e-Textiles. Teachers will be introduced to the basic concepts of electronics and how to apply them to textile based design projects (e-Textiles).

    You will learn about:
    • introductory electronics theory;
    • identification of simple components;
    • developing circuits using ICTs; and
    • applying that knowledge to simple skill development projects.

    Participants will engage in discussion regarding problem based learning, its application in the classroom and how to develop appropriate assessment methodologies.

    Note: The workshop will include a kit of components that contains enough components to enable further experimentation after the course.

    6. Skilling You for Metal Technology – Stage 5 - 6 person capacity - $450

    This course is designed to develop the correct skills to teach Metal Technology Projects to be completed: Knurled Centre Punch & Hacksaw (Full Size)

    With these two projects, you will you will develop a broad range of practical and class management skills to successfully teach these Projects.
    Note: please bring your own PPE:
    ● Safety glasses
    ● Ear muffs (optional)
    ● Solid shoes
    ● Appropriate workshop clothing
    ● If you have long hair - it must be tied back
    7. Computing Workshop - 20 person capacity - $400

    *Saturday (4 sessions of 80 minutes each)

    1.   Hands-on databases: design a Relational Database using MS Access (80’)a.    Importing data from Excel spreadsheets

    2.   Hands-on Animations using Animate CC (80’) 

    3.   Hands on IPO charts, Pseudocodes, Flowcharts and Deskchecking (80’)
    4.   Hands on Coding Using Scratch (80’)
    * Sunday (2 sessions of 80 minutes each)
    1.  Python Coding Fundamentals
    2.   Python Code - special features - Working on Projects I
    May 2019 WorkshopsV2 (2).docx

    8. Take your laser to the next level - 20 person capacity - $350

    With the increasing popularity of laser cutters in schools, teachers are regularly asking for advice on optimising or maximising their usage. Are jobs taking too long, are there too many jobs or maybe your laser underutilised? Rob will provide practical, best practice processes that will reduce bottlenecks and encourage more efficient use of the laser in the your classroom.  

    BIO Rob Thompson is the Business Development Manager with LST Group and has worked with lasers for over 16 years.  He regularly represents LST at educational conferences and forums both around Australia and internationally. His employer, LST Group has sold and supported Universal laser systems in Australia for over 30 years and had been a NSW Department of Education contracted laser supplier since 2008. With over 300 systems installed in Australian schools, Rob and LST are very familiar with the many diverse scenarios found in Australian classrooms today.

    9. River pour: Playing with Recycled Timber and More - 20 person capacity - $500

    Have you always wanted to know the Tips & Tricks of doing River Pours? How to get rid of those pesky air bubbles in Pour on finishes? Or how to achieve great finishes using recycled timber? What products and requirements for internal and external conditions? This workshop will give you all the Tips & Tricks and correct products to do River Pours and more. By doing your own projects you will be loaded up with heaps of techniques for working with recycled and new timber for making unique woodwork projects. You will gain Tips & Tricks on how to take very ordinary pieces of timber from fence palings to slab timber and turn them into one off masterpieces. The plan is for you to bring manageable pieces of 2nd hand timber with you to play with over the two days. We will do the pouring / Epoxy coating on Saturday and finishing on Sunday.

    We will provide you with a list of goodies (Do not sweat if you do not have timber – we can supply) and tools you will need to bring once advised you have selected our knowledgeable workshop.

    10. Puppet making. Puppets for TAS - 15 person capacity - $350
    Puppets reawaken the imagination, they are expressions of creativity. At the Puppets from TAS workshop, you will make a foam rod & mouth puppet also known as a Muppet style puppet. You will go from flat foam and fabric, to full character in just 2 days! All materials are provided, and no experience in making puppets is required.

    Katherine Hannaford is the Teacher Librarian at Macquarie Fields HS and a professional puppet builder and puppetry teacher with over 15 years experience. She has built puppets for stage and television, and has taught puppetry as a school developed curriculum subject for 2 years at Macquarie Fields HS. In 2016, Katherine won the UNIMA Australia National Puppetry Scholarship to study puppetry in America with Sesame Street and Muppet Puppeteers, and was featured in the NSW Teachers Federation Journal 'Education' in an article titled Teach Boldly with Puppets.

    12. Build an Arduino Soil Moisture Detector - 15 person capacity - $450

    "Build an Arduino Soil Moisture Detector" to allow you to teach the 
    published NESA unit of work above.

    Note: Participants will need to supply a laptop.

    > Note: Participants will need to supply a laptop with wireless access and
    > arduino IDE installed.

    13. Digital and Control Technologies - an introduction to IoT/M2M - 20 person capacity - $600

    This workshop is an easy introduction to IOT/M2M Control Technologies. It addresses some Outcomes from the Digital Technologies, Engineered Systems and Materials Technologies Contexts of the new Technology Mandatory syllabus while learning to code a microprocessor. The course will introduce concepts of coding with real world devices, an introduction to microprocessors via a locally developed board with built in I/O, motor driver, multiple LEDs, LDR, buzzer output.

    This is a low-cost entry appropriate to schools using free software for simulation and experimentation. 

    Course costs include 11 ‘Techstarter’ boards for use in the classroom. Additional sets are available for purchase.

    Participants will engage in discussion regarding problem/project based learning, its application in the classroom and how to develop appropriate assessment methodologies.
    Targeted concepts are Project Based Learning, Design Thinking, Computational and Algorithmic thinking and Integrated Learning.

    Note: please bring your own PPE if you are doing workshop activities, this includes:

    • Safety glasses
    • Ear muffs 
    • Solid shoes
    • Appropriate workshop clothing
    • If you have long hair - it must be tied back

      HOT location & time:

      Macquarie Fields High School

      2 Harold St, Macquarie Fields NSW 2564

      Saturday 9 - 4

      Sunday 9 - 1

      Contact Owen Telfer for more details: 

      • 14 Jun 2019
      • 8:30 AM
      • 16 Jun 2019
      • 1:00 PM
      • Dubbo Regional Convention Centre

      This 3 day event in collaboration with Don't Panic sTEm and the other technology teacher associations brings either a 1 day conference OR 2 days of hands on workshop OR BOTH to regional NSW.

      Registration is through the Don't Panic Site


      Conference AgendaWorkshops Available



      • 27 Nov 2019
      • 8:30 AM
      • 29 Nov 2019
      • 4:00 PM
      • Sydney Masonic Centre - 66 Goulburn St, Sydney

      Institute of Technology Education - Annual Teachers Conference

      The content presented at this conference relates directly to the teaching of STEM, Technology, Engineering and Industrial Arts curriculum.

      Over the three days of conference Teachers are provided with the opportunity for: networking, resource sharing, skill development and advancement, and to be kept abreast of current and future directions in STEM education, focusing on Engineering, Technology and Industrial Arts.


      There are FIVE events across three days that can be ticketed separately or bundled at a saving. Guests are welcome to attend the evening events (extra tickets can be added to orders).

      Wednesday 27th November: Day One

      ‘Hands On’ Technology - An all day immersive that allows attendees to learn, practice and embed. Locations are based on the workshop as some require specialist materials and are run by our partner organisations. 
      9:00 – 4:30pm (8:15am for first day registration) *Some of the workshops require specialist equipment and/or with our partner agencies and MAY run offsite.

      *workshop schedule TBA

      Wednesday 27th November: Conference Welcome Evening

      A collegial event that focuses on networking with finger food. 6:00pm – 10:00pm *This event is held @ Darling Harbour      

      Thursday 28th November: Day Two

      Mix of short workshops, keynotes, presentations and an interactive industry show. The workshops have limited numbers and are only available for selection once payment is made. 9:00am – 4:30pm (8:15am for first day registration)    

      *workshop and speaker schedule TBA

      Thursday 28th November: Conference Dinner

      A three course dinner event that includes guest speakers and annual award presentations, including our University Scholarships and awards.6:30pm – 10:30pm  *This event is held @ the SMC

      Friday 29th November: Day Three
      Mix of short workshops, keynotes, presentations and an industry show. The workshops have limited numbers and are only available for selection once payment is made. 9:00am – 4:30pm (8:15am for first day registration)    

      *workshop and speaker schedule TBA


      1. Seek approval to attend from your school, use the downloadable conference invite to reinforce your PL application: 

      2. Register your place online making sure you select the tickets for the dates and events you wish to attend

      3. Use the invoice to obtain payment, making sure the payment is received by the ticket cut off - as explained in our terms and conditions late payments will be subject to the have late ticketing fees applied/tickets cancelled.

      4. Once payment has been received you will be emailed workshop selection information, workshop selection is given in preference to registrants who have paid.


      1. Ticket for the event you have selected

      2. Meals 

      3. Conference day events include "show bag" and a SPECIAL gift for all those that register as early birds and standard ticket rates

      4. Resources that are a part of the day events such as presentations and workshop manuals

      * Schools will need to provide and seek casual relief, this is not included in ticket price


      1. Volunteers work from November - November sourcing speakers and workshops that are relevant and informative professional learning experiences

      2. The ITE is a non-profit association, so our mission is to strive to provide professional learning to our members without high overheads and profits

      3. Our conference committee work in schools and are in-touch with curriculum, trends and teachers professional learning needs

      General Conference Enquiries:

      Astrid Perdriau - 0414 968 584

      Registration Enquiries:

      Monique Dalli -

      General Conference Enquiries:

      Astrid Perdriau   0414 968 584     

      Terms and Conditions:

      - Registration/tickets cannot be purchased under another member's name to receive discounts

      - Students must provide proof of current study to receive student rate

      - Payments are to be completed before the cut off dates otherwise they will be invoiced at the higher rate. (LMBR schools will need to show evidence that they have submitted the request for payment).

      - Once you have submitted registration, you are committing to attend the conference and must pay.

      - Any cancellations must be made before October 31st to receive a full refund. Cancellations made after October 31st will not be fully refunded.

      - NESA is insisting upon much more accountability, from course providers and attendees of full attendance at all endorsed events for the specified time before course participants can be given their hours. ITE will be using digital scans for attendance, it is the responsibility of the attendee to scan in to events and sessions as many times as required for hours to be calculated, scan in times and frequency are at the discretion of the ITE

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